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Small Fruit Bowl

This little fruit bowl has legs.

Everyday Bowls

Hand-formed breakfast and dinner bowls.

Bowl with Legs

Large fruit bowl with legs.

Serving Bowls

Large serving bowls in ocean teal.

Dipping & Sauce Dishes

Organically shaped small pinch pots, perfect for sauces or dipping.

Wabi Sabi Bowl

Organically wabi sabi shaped bowls come in a sea-green glaze.

Small Organic Bowl

Small organic shaped bowls come in a beautiful sea-green glaze.

Cheese Platters

Cheese boards inspired by Australian bush colours.

White Bunny Platters

Platters for all occasions in three sizes. These are ‘white bunny’.

Patter & Bowl

Platter landscapes in blue.

Green Platters

Platters for all occasions in three sizes. These ‘Australian Bush Green ’.

Pebble Plates

Little reminders to 'be kind' :-)

Side pates

Side plates inspired by the Australian gum trees and bush colours.

Cups & Table Jug

Cups and a table jug.

Tea Pot

Things seem just a little bit better after a cup of tea :-)

Table Jugs

Hand-shaped organic jugs in emerald green.

Short Black Coffee Cup

Just one of our short black coffee cups.

Ceramic Tumbers

Tumblers for all your liquid pleasures.

Cup & Plate

Something green :-)

Utensils Jug

If you're chasing something distinctive you've come to the right place.

Large Jug

We love to play with glazes and clour combinations.

Mixing Bowl

The start of something delicious.


Handmade kitchen canisters.

Castle Planter

Making indoor plants happy!

Ceramic House Planter

House Planter

A ceramic house for your favourite plant.

Bonsai House

Bonsai house planter and tealight.

House Vase

'Eeuwen Oud' House Vase

Purposeful Art

One-of-a-kind Celtic Tower Tealight.

Cave Art Vase

Playing around with some fun cave art concepts.

House Vase

'Eeuwen Oud' House Vases

Incense burners

Little house in incense burners.

House Boxes

Little house boxes for kept things.

House Boxes

Little house boxes for kept things.

Tiny Houses

Rustic little ceramic houses perfect for bonsais, terrariums or to brighten up a shelf anywhere.

Ceramic Stone Houses

Just one of many stone houses. Perfect to brighten up your day.

Ceramic Barn House

Just one of many stone houses.  The cutest gift to brighten up a shelf anywhere.

Amsterdam Houses

Inspired by our trip to Amsterdam in 2019

Sea Rattle

Purposeful Art. This sculpture fits in the palm of your hand.

Calming Tool

We send our rattles out beautifully boxed and with love.

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