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Delicious Probiotic Fermented Mushrooms

I love fermenting things which is why I make my own fermenting pots. Fermented foods are tasty and so good for you. If you're a mushroom fan, this adapted recipe I use from Milkwood in Australia is delicious. This simple recipe uses a ceramic fermenting pot - like the ones I make - and basic biological pickling method of lacto-fermentation, which relies on little more than salt, water and time. Easy and totally worth it!

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Find us at the Neighbourhood Markets

We don’t usually associate cottage industries with large commercial malls. But a new initiative hopes to change all that.  Neighbours Markets is a new project run by a company called Prime Space which is focussed on diversifying the shopping centre experience locally and across the country.

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Only Clay in the Village

ARTIST CALL OUT!  Calling all clayworkers, potters or ceramics-based art practitioners living in the ACT Region who are out and proud members of the LGBTIQA+ community!  

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Zanzibar Zenzi Plant Care

This plant is tough and thrives on neglect, making it perfect for the forgetful plant owner. This hardy plant is able to survive for months without water and will grow well in low light and hates the direct sun.

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