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Exhibition Announcement 'Place' April 2024

In walls of warmth, our hearts to rest.Where love and laughter are our guests.We work and play, our minds create.A sanctuary, a place that’s safe.Cherish its rooms, our home embraceOur souls to be, we find our place. ~ Alexander Thatcher, 2023 - 'Place' Belconnen Arts Centre GalleryOpening Night  6pm Friday 5 April 2024Exhibition Dates  5 April – 19 May 2024 There are many things in life I have immense gratitude for. In this playful exhibition, I hold homage to two: my...

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Recipe : Australian Raspberry Friands

I often refer to the handmade tableware I create as 'Ceramics for Life', and it is one of the reasons I like to photograph my work with food I create in our lovely kitchen in the heart of Canberra — a city I love dearly and call home. This recipe is my own creation for Raspberry Friands and is photographed on some created platters made in my Canberra studio. Friands are almond meal-based cakes. In France, they are known as financiers. It was a French chef working in Australia...

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Magic Water Recipe for Pottery & Ceramics

When you are making pottery, there are often times when you need to attach one piece of clay to another. When joining two pieces of clay together, you definitely don’t want them to fall apart or develop cracks as they dry. One simple way to prevent these problems is to use Magic Water.

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Zanzibar Zenzi Plant Care

This plant is tough and thrives on neglect, making it perfect for the forgetful plant owner. This hardy plant is able to survive for months without water and will grow well in low light and hates the direct sun.

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Pickle Plant Plant Care

Easy to care for the Pickle Plant is a low growing trailing succulent. This Delosperma produces bright yellow flowers and green fleshy leaves covered in fine white hairs giving this plant its unique appearance. The Pickle Plant likes the outdoors in a bright sunny position with dry conditions.

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Delicious Probiotic Fermented Mushrooms

I love fermenting things which is why I make my own fermenting pots. Fermented foods are tasty and so good for you. If you're a mushroom fan, this adapted recipe I use from Milkwood in Australia is delicious. This simple recipe uses a ceramic fermenting pot - like the ones I make - and basic biological pickling method of lacto-fermentation, which relies on little more than salt, water and time. Easy and totally worth it!

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