'PLACE' Exhibition

In walls of warmth, our hearts to rest.
Where love and laughter are our guests.
We work and play, our minds create.
A sanctuary, a place that’s safe.
Cherish its rooms, our home embrace
Our souls to be, we find our place.

~ Alexander Thatcher, 2023 - 

Belconnen Arts Centre Gallery
Exhibition now closed


There are many things in life I have immense gratitude for. In this playful exhibition, I hold homage to two: my love for creating tiny ceramic architecture and my passion for clay.

Our homes are incredibly important places, and when nurtured with love, they provide us with a sense of warmth, belonging and joy. They are also wonderfully diverse and make a fun subject to play around with.

My exploration for this exhibition started with lockdown when I found clay and being creative offered me a way to stay grounded and engaged. Every tiny building I create has a story. I see them as little totems of joy.

It’s my hope that when you explore this exhibition of tiny buildings (or take one home), they ignite your imagination and fill your heart with wonder as they have mine.

About Me

Alexander Thatcher — Little Tree Studio

Alexander Thatcher Cafe

I  have been writing, creating art and playing with mud for as long as I can remember.

I started my ceramics journey in a small, unassuming room at my high school on the south coast of NSW. Over the years, I have since learned from renowned potters like Trudie Alfred, Cameron Williams, Peter Rushforth, Greg Daly and Chris Harford.

My work is an integral part of my personal growth. Creating objects that soothe my spirit and that bring joy to others is a large part of my intent while in the studio.

As I explore shape, form and colour, my work is constantly evolving and is freeform and diverse. My ceramics includes wabi-sabi-styled tableware and a vast variety of sculpture pieces.



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